Debugging Python in ArcGIS Desktop

Published on December 27, 2018

Sometimes it’s just useful to debug ESRI script tools rather than peppering them with arcpy.AddMessage() commands – try looping through a dictionary object that way.

We haven’t yet moved to ArcGIS Pro so forgive me if I’ve yet to see the light and I don't use Visual Studio ...

Pandas and the UPRN

Published on July 28, 2017

The UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number) is a nice idea. Essentially a barcode for the lifecycle of a property this piece of data can be used to uniquely identify any valid property. It is the crux of the address gazetteers in the UK, used in AddressBase and provides the de-facto ...

Getting started with Open Street Map

Published on May 8, 2010

Getting started with OSM.

More ways to make tracks

Published on May 8, 2010

Pro Runner

Java powered

Make your own map tracks

Published on May 8, 2010

Hand-held GPS devices are a standard piece of kit found in hiking shops and are used by most outdoor enthusiasts from anglers to geocachers. These are fantastic for keeping track of your position and where you've been but you would likely be an enthusiast to buy one. However there ...

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